Mission Statement

The Sovereignty Coalition is a non-partisan group of patriotic, public policy-minded leaders,
organizations and individuals who share a profound commitment to the U.S. Constitution and
the God-given freedoms it guarantees. We are determined to protect these foundations of our
Republic by defending our national sovereignty against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Consequently, an immediate priority is preventing efforts to create unaccountable global
governance arrangements and authorities wholly at odds with our sovereign, constitutional form
of representative, limited government. Foremost among such initiatives is the attempt by the
Chinese Communist Party, Bill Gates, the pharmaceutical industry and other globalists – including
the Biden administration, to empower the World Health Organization (WHO) to dictate U.S. and
other nations’ public health policies.

We believe that our sovereignty, constitutional Republic and personal freedoms must be
protected from such a supranational threat. Therefore, the first mission of the Sovereignty
Coalition is to ensure that the United States no longer underwrites, participates in or is subject
to the World Health Organization and to seek, in the WHO’s stead, to create well-defined and
limited arrangements for voluntarily collaborating multilaterally in the event of transnational