Release | The Sovereignty Coalition Salutes Its Allies and the American People in Defeating the “Natural Asset Companies” Gambit


For Immediate Release
January 18, 2024

Matthew Franklin, [email protected]

The Sovereignty Coalition Salutes Its Allies and the American People in Defeating the “Natural Asset Companies” Gambit

What Form of Anti-American Tyranny will the
Globalists’ Try Stealthily to Perpetrate Next?

WASHINGTON, D.C.—It’s not every day that the American people secure a victory over the combined legions of radical environmentalists, monied interests of Wall Street, and enemies, foreign and domestic, in places like the Chinese Communist Party and the Biden administration. But yesterday was one of those rare – and much-needed – wins.

Thanks to an extraordinary pick-up team of American patriots – including a remarkable array of public servants, notably 23 state treasurers and 25 attorneys general and dozens of federal legislators in the House and Senate – and an aroused and engaged public, the New York Stock Exchange elected yesterday to withdraw its proposed Securities and Exchange Commission rule that would have created, and allowed trading on the NYSE, of a new class of so-called “Natural Asset Companies.”

This stealthily advanced radical environmental proposal would have enabled the prohibition of productive use of public lands, water and even air and some private property, as well. Rabid globalists – including the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Chinese Communist Party and, of course, the Biden Administration – sought thereby to restrict U.S. food production, and the exploitation of minerals, energy resources and timber, all ostensibly to mitigate “climate change.”

The Sovereignty Coalition is gratified that the New York Stock Exchange’s withdrawal of its proposed NAC rule has spared us – at least for the time being – a massive American sell-off and sell-out involving U.S. public and private lands. It is proud to have played a small part in demonstrating the power of the formula that brought about this salutary outcome by working and succeeding at the state level when the federal government is betraying its sworn duty and our vital interests.

The Coalition looks forward to such collaboration in the future to ensure a similar fate meets further efforts by: advocates of Natural Asset Companies; giving the World Health Organization the ability to dictate U.S. public health policy; or any similar threats to the sovereignty of our constitutional Republic and the freedoms it guarantees to the American people.



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