Talking Points

What is the Sovereignty Coalition and Why Do We Exist?

  • We are a non-partisan, diverse coalition of leaders, organizations and individuals dedicated to protecting the sovereignty of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  • We pledge ourselves to expose, oppose and expunge foreign entities that threaten the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.
  • The World Health Organization is currently negotiating two instruments that, if passed, would usher in a world-wide totalitarian bio-tech surveillance state.
  • We believe that the only way to protect our sovereignty from this imminent threat is for the United States to defund and withdraw from the WHO.
  • We are asking everyone to join us by signing “The American Sovereignty Declaration” and tell their elected leaders, families and friends why the U.S. must #ExitTheWho NOW! Sign the declaration today at

The US Government Is Surrendering Our National and Personal Sovereignty

  • The US government is actively pursuing the surrender of our sovereign health care rights through two agreements it is currently negotiating with the WHO.
  • The Biden administration wants to conceal its concessions behind closed doors.
  • The Senate will not protect us. It has formally declined to vote on the WHO agreements.
  • Americans will not stand for our constitutional rights being taken away secretly and without their permission.

We Must Have Health Care Freedom

  • We need to be free to make our own health care decisions, including the decision about whether to take a new vaccine recommended by the WHO.
  • Doctors don’t always agree on the proper approach to treat patients. That’s why we get “second opinions.” Bureaucrats must not mandate how doctors treat patients.
  • Eighty years ago, the Nuremberg Code recognized every person’s right to make their own medical decisions based on informed consent and free from coercion.
  • Any top-down, one-size-fits-all approach imperils the way medicine – and society – has worked for our entire lives.

Parental Rights Are Non-Negotiable

  • According to the National Institutes of Health, children cannot provide informed consent.
  • Parental rights to care for their children are non-negotiable, natural rights.
  • Parents, not the government or unelected bureaucrats, must be the final arbiters for their children’s health care.
  • In caring for their children, parents must be able to obtain their physician’s best professional judgment, not what the WHO tells doctors to think or say.

We Must Not Be Silenced

  • The United States is unique in our strong, Constitutional protection of Free Speech.
  • We know from the Twitter Files that there has been silencing of dissenting voices about COVID and how best to treat it.
  • Neither the US government nor the World Health organization has the right to suppress speech they choose to characterize as “dis- or mis-information.”

World Government Will Destroy Our Freedoms

  • Many American citizens suffered terrible consequences from decisions made by US politicians advised by the World Health Organization to impose the “China Model” of lockdowns, masks, and jabs with inadequately tested vaccines.
  • Some lost their lives, loved ones or jobs or experienced other devastating adverse effects.
  • How much worse will it be if such mandates are dictated by foreign bureaucrats who are wholly unaccountable to us?

Who Is The WHO?

  • The World Health Organization is an organization under the effective control of the Chinese Communist Party and sponsored and influenced by Bill Gates and the big pharmaceutical companies.
  • Due to these factors, the WHO has lied to us about the cause, nature and best response to the COVID pandemic, contributing to the needless deaths and other damage to millions of people here and abroad.
  • There is every reason to believe even worse will happen if the WHO is allowed unilaterally to declare “public health emergencies” without our consent, and dictate how the United States will respond to them.

We Refuse to Submit to the Digital Gulag

  • Central Bank Digital Currencies take all the elements of cancel-culture, “environment, social & governance” (ESG), and the surveillance state and meld them into a programmable monetary system controlled by the government.
  • That’s a world in which governments “mint” digital dollars to be used as rewards or withheld as punishments.
  • In order to access your money, you’ll have to acquiesce to forced medical injections, travel limitations, dietary restrictions, speech guidelines or anything else that is dictated by faceless bureaucrats.
  • Your money may be no good for buying what you want, when, and from whom. You may find that it simply no longer has any value at all.
  • This is the model already deployed in China as their “social credit system” and it is being exported to many other countries across the globe.
  • And it is being promoted by one-world-government supporters like the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates.

We’re Not Going to Let them Redistribute Our Money

  • The COVID pandemic made possible the greatest wealth-transfer in human history.
  • The WHO is seeking the authority to extract what amounts to a 5% tax on the U.S. and other developed nations’ health care spending.
  • The gigantic global infrastructure that would be created by the WHO’s draft pandemic treaty would shift even more money basically to its own corrupt bureaucrats and developing nations’ elites.

Listen to the Voice of the People

  • America was founded on the idea of representative government and the rights to freedom of speech and assembly.
  • Decisions that impact our people have always been made by discourse, not decree.
  • We need to be aware of and have the opportunity to participate meaningfully in a transparent process whenever our liberties are being put at risk.
  • Given the vast number of things public health officials have been wrong and/or lied about over the last few years, the need for the people and their freedom-loving doctors to be heard matters more now than ever.

National and Personal Sovereignty and Solidarity Are Required

  • If we can no longer rely on the institutions we have always trusted, all we have is one another.
  • We need to have our own individual agency and be freely able to advocate for ourselves and our neighbors.
  • The Constitution of the United States grants us that right and it must not be surrendered to the World Health Organization or anybody else.

Take These Actions

  • Sign the Sovereignty Declaration – – and encourage others in your circles of influence to do the same.
  • Tell everyone you know about what the WHO is trying to do because they likely don’t know since it’s being done in secret and with practically no news coverage.
  • Question your elected representatives and candidates for public office on their positions regarding your call to withdraw the United States from the WHO and oppose any Central Bank Digital Currency here.
  • Use #ExitTheWho and #Whexit on your Tweets and posts.