BRIEFING: The Fundamental Transformation of the W.H.O. From Health Advisor to Global Dictator

A Sovereignty Coalition briefing for the U.S. Select Committee on the Corona Virus Pandemic

Washington, D.C.—On Tuesday, December 12, from 2:00-3:00 pm ET, the Sovereignty Coalition hosted a virtual briefing for Members of the U.S. House Oversight Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic (SC-CVP) and their staff regarding “The Fundamental Transformation of the W.H.O.: From Health Advisor to Global Dictator,” Reggie Littlejohn with Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Kat Lindley, Valerie Borek, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Kris Ullman.

This panel was being hosted in advance of the U.S. Select Committee on the Corona Virus Pandemic hearing with officials from Health and Human Services, the State Department, and USAID.

Co-Host and Moderator

  • REGGIE LITTLEJOHN, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers; Co-Chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force; and Co-Chair of The Sovereignty Coalition
    • Topic: The WHO, Digital IDs, “One Health” and the Biotech Surveillance State


  • Dr. MERYL NASS, M.D., Founder, Door to Freedom; Scientific Adviser, Children’s Health Defense
    • Topic: Who Runs and Funds the WHO, and to What End?
  • Dr. KAT LINDLEY, Co-founder, Global Health Project
    • Topic: Medicine, one size fits all
  • VALERIE BOREK, Esq., Associate Director and Lead Policy Analyst for Stand for Health Freedom
    • Topic: “The importance—and dangers—of the International Health Regulations”
  • CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS, Fmr Assistant Secretary of Housing & Urban Development; Founder, Solari, Inc.
    • Topic: Our Choice: Constitutional and Financial Freedoms vs WHO Membership
  • KRISTEN ULLMAN, Esq., President, Eagle Forum
    • Topic: American families need Congress to Stop the WHO



American Freedom Alliance

Children’s Health Defense

Committee on the Present Danger: China

Family Research Council

Door to Freedom

Eagle Forum

Global Health Project

Sovereignty Coalition

Stand for Health Freedom

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers