Freedom Prayer on X Space – May 26th at 8:00 pm ET

8 hours of prayer
for freedom from the WHO


Dear Fellow Patriots,

The Sovereignty Coalition is organizing a Freedom Prayer event tomorrow night, and we would be honored if you could join in a demonstration of unity as we pray for our nation’s sovereignty, freedom, and well-being – and that of the world’s other nations and people – for 8 hours leading up to the start of an ominous World Health Organization (WHO) meeting in Geneva.

Join us to learn about what is afoot at the hands of globalists who are determined to rule the entire planet. Prominent among them are international bureaucrats like the WHO’s Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus who perceive in the sort of medical tyranny they got away with perpetrating during the COVID-19 pandemic an opportunity to seize and wield absolute power permanently.

We believe that, by coming together in prayer at a time such as this, our voices will make a powerful impact against those intent on robbing us of our liberties and constitutional government in favor of what they call “global governance.” We need an outpouring from prayer warriors like you to enlist God’s grace on our urgent effort to defeat this stealthy, tyrannical power-grab. Please join us tomorrow night.

Event Details:

Start:  8:00 p.m. ET, Sunday, May 26th
End:  4:00am ET,  Monday, May 27th
Location — BY PHONE: X Spaces  – (If you click on this link via phone, it will not take you to an active page until near the start time. But it will allow you to set a reminder for that time.)

Another option at about the start of the X Spaces window (i.e., a little before 8 p.m. ET) is to go to the host’s Twitter account: @BillEllmore ( Look for the Spaces link at his “Highlights”  .section

NOTES and TIPS on Using XSpaces:

  • XSpaces are best joined via your phone
  • Shortly before the start time: Link to Space
  • Go to “Start Listening”
  • If you wish to offer a prayer, when invited to do so, please press “Ask to speak”
  • When it is your turn to pray, unmute by pressing the mike icon and start speaking



Frank Gaffney
Sovereignty Coalition