NC Pushing Back on the WHO Pandemic Treaty

By HEALNC | April 20, 2024

The World Health Organization (WHO), the institution that led the world in implementing lockdowns, testing, masking, and mandatory vaccines, is seeking more power via a Pandemic Treaty and changes to the existing International Health Regulations (IHR) that will be consummated May 27 – 31. The US federal government is expected to strongly support the treaty.

Every country in the world is a member of the WHO except Taiwan and Lichtenstein. Each country pays annual “dues.” However, seventy-five percent of the WHO’s funding comes from foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (that are mostly pharma-backed), corporations and countries that chip in additional funds in addition to their “dues.”

This billionaire-backed organization has a plan to replace our sovereign nation and the freedoms it guarantees all of us. The American people have not been consulted about this insidious idea to implement global governance, nor have we consented to it.

States Are Pushing Back

Citizens around the country have celebrated the news of Louisiana’s senate passing Senate Bill No. 133, which is aimed at significantly limiting the influence and jurisdiction of certain international organizations within the state.

The Louisiana bill passed the senate unanimously with 37 “yes” votes. Not one Democrat or Republican voted against it.

The bill explicitly restricts the power of the WHO, United Nations (UN), and the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their ability to enforce their policies in Louisiana.

The federal government seems poised to sign the treaty, and has been leading the charge in amending the IHR. According to the 10th amendment, except for what is stated in the constitution, powers are reserved to the States or the people. We saw during Covid that the constitution can be breached without consequence. Thus, we need safeguards at the state level to protect our constitutional rights from both the treaty and the IHR amendments.

What’s Happening in NC

A coalition of North Carolina Medical Freedom organizations including HEALNC and NC Physicians for Freedom (NCPFF) are working urgently to pass a Bill or Resolution similar to Louisiana when the legislative session opens in late April. We have lawmakers who have already expressed interest in passing a resolution right away, as they understand that the WHO Pandemic Treaty will have a dramatic, world-changing impact.

What is a resolution? 

A resolution is legislation that establishes honors, session dates, procedures, and rules of procedure for the house and senate. A resolution does not have the force of law, so it is not our ideal course of action. However, in the process of enacting a resolution, we would have an opportunity to educate legislators about the threats presented by the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

Why not pass a bill into law instead?

Of course, we would prefer to pass a law similar to the one passed in the Louisana senate. However, we have a procedural challenge as NC has a “short session” in the even years, so the only bills that will pass in 2024 are bills that met a certain threshold in 2023 – unless there is an emergency. We believe that the pending WHO Pandemic Treaty is one of the greatest emergencies in history. Our challenge will be to persuade the legislators to break protocol for an emergency that most NC citizens know nothing about.

What can you do today?

Stand for Health Freedom, Door to Freedom and The Sovereignty Coalition are national groups that are actively pushing back against the WHO. Check out their websites, take advantage of their excellent resources, and follow their calls-to-action:

Stay tuned for more information about how you can get involved in stopping the WHO.