Nigel Farage: Lockdowns and compulsory vaccines must NOT be forced on Britain by foreign officials; ‘terrifying’ WHO treaty must be rejected

By CHRIS POLLARD | The Daily Mail | May 13, 2024

Britain may be forced to accept mandatory lockdowns and vaccines by power-hungry World Health Organization bureaucrats, Nigel Farage has warned.

He is calling on MPs to reject a ‘terrifying’ WHO treaty which may allow foreign officials to impose major policy decisions on all 194 member states in any future pandemic.

The former Brexit Party leader says the UK must be prepared to leave the ‘failing, expensive, unelected, unaccountable’ WHO to prevent it from ‘running roughshod’ over sovereign countries.

Officials at the WHO will vote on the latest draft of the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty in Geneva next week.

Describing the WHO as a ‘very dangerous organisation’, Mr Farage said: ‘The WHO can be a force for good in the world, but only if it returns to its noble principles and core objectives.

‘Its role should be to share information and provide guidance, not dictate policies.

‘It must reform to respect national sovereignty, stop interfering in people’s lives and abandon the frankly terrifying pandemic treaty.

‘The WHO can no longer ignore the growing dissatisfaction from people across the world. It either reforms, or countries must leave it altogether.’

He added: ‘It’s shocking that someone in Geneva that we didn’t vote for could force us into lockdown.’

The current draft of the pandemic treaty has been significantly watered-down from earlier versions.

It would require the UK to hand over a fifth of its vaccines and drugs for redistribution to ‘countries facing challenges’ in a future pandemic, but does not give the WHO to impose vaccine mandates or impose lockdowns.

However, Mr Farage and other critics fear that this could be reinstated behind closed doors at a later date, along with other requirements such as higher membership fees.

If it is signed next week, the treaty could be amended at the annual Conference of the Parties (COP), said Mr Farage, giving the WHO ‘additional powers and money they need to build their global public health empire’.

‘This is exactly how the WHO has operated in the past, and it’s exactly why I do not trust the people who run it today,’ he told the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Farage has joined forces with new international pressure group Action on World Health (AWH), which wants to reform the WHO.

Its mission is to ‘take back control’ of health policy and hold the WHO to account for its failings, so future pandemics can be prevented or dealt with more quickly and efficiently.

It says the WHO has repeatedly failed to protect the public. Among other things, it wrongly insisted in January 2020 that there was no human-to-human transmission of Covid-19.

The AWH also wants to slash the WHO’s £5.5billion budget – which is mostly paid by the UK, US and the EU – and is calling on countries to halve their contributions. It says huge sums are currently ‘wasted on luxury travel and thousands of staff’.

The Government has insisted it would never hand over authority to the WHO over whether lockdowns should be imposed. But Mr Farage wants Parliament to debate the issue, and reserve the right to leave the WHO in a ‘second Brexit’ if necessary.

Republican senators in the US have also urged President Joe Biden not to sign the pandemic treaty.

They said it would be ‘unacceptable’ to ‘expand the WHO’s authority over member states’ during pandemics, adding that the WHO ‘did lasting harm to our country’ because of its failures during the pandemic.

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