Release | Sovereignty Coalition Rebuts Disinformation That The W.H.O. Poses No Threat To Our National Sovereignty


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April 2, 2024

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Sovereignty Coalition Rebuts Disinformation That The W.H.O. Poses No Threat To Our National Sovereignty

The “Global Governance” Gambit is Real, and Must be Rejected

WASHINGTON, D.C.— For nearly a year, a group of patriotic public policy-minded leaders, courageous medical practitioners, lawyers, non-profit leaders, activist organizations and other influential individuals have worked in concert under the banner of the Sovereignty Coalition to warn about stealthy negotiations underway in the World Health Organization (WHO). The object of those negotiations is to produce two treaties that would give the WHO’s Director General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, unprecedented power to declare whatever he deems to be actual or potential “public health emergencies of international concern” – and dictate what must be done in response.

While the Biden administration and others involved in these negotiations – including the Chinese Communist Party, the World Economic Forum, the European Union, Bill Gates and Big Pharma – have gone to considerable lengths to hide the negotiated text of the proposed regulations, some of their myriad, extremely troubling elements have come to light. These include not only the surrender of national sovereignty entailed in ceding authority to Dr. Tedros, but: creating a global surveillance system; requiring nations to institute censorship mechanisms; and establishing a clearinghouse for deadly pathogens that threatens to exacerbate the proliferation of biological agents and the risks of widespread depopulation.

As the endgame for finalizing these treaties looms on May 27th, despite such evidence of serious problems with both accords, efforts to mislead the American people and others are ramping up – at the hands of the World Health Organization’s bureaucracy and even some who have heretofore warned of those same problems. If left uncorrected, the repercussions could literally be deadly serious.

Fortunately, Dr. Meryl Nass, a leading member of the Sovereignty Coalition, who is an unflinching frontline doctor sanctioned by Maine medical authorities for defying Tedros’ earlier, malfeasant advice during the COVID-19 pandemic and founder of Door to Freedom, has rebutted four of these false contentions at her account.

Among the laughably egregious claims being made by the WHO and its partisans are the following, together with brief, but resource-rich rebuttals:

  • Contention: “The WHO negotiations are not an attack on national sovereignty.”

Fact: Dr. Nass observes: “Of course, [the WHO will usurp our sovereignty] when the WHO can give orders to nations, require nations to pass laws to enact the WHO’s directives and the WHO can commandeer supplies in one country and move them to another.”

As is clear from the more than 100 places in which existing International Health Regulation language would be changed to add the compulsory word “shall,” the surrender of national sovereignty is absolutely baked into both the amended International Health Regulations – which truly constitute a treaty – and a separate, but related, Pandemic Treaty (termed the Pandemic Agreement).

Further detail is provided by a former WHO employee and medical expert, Dr. David Bell, and Thi Thuy Van Dinh in an important essay published by the Brownstone Institute on December 11, 2023.

  • Contention: “The WHO negotiations are NOT about mandates and lockdowns.”

Fact: As Dr. Nass notes: “Article 18 of the IHRs gives the WHO – once the word ‘binding’ that has been added in an amendment has been approved – the power to order and enforce vaccine mandates and lockdowns.”

  • Contention: “The WHO negotiations are NOT about attempting to seize control of the doctor-patient relationship.

Fact: In Dr. Nass’ words: “The provisions in both the [Pandemic] Treaty and the Amendments [treaty] dictate censorship of health ‘misinformation and disinformation,’ thus controlling what information your doctor can access. Article 43, paragraph 4 in the Amendments gives the WHO the right to order that certain drugs be withheld during a declared public health emergency. That seems like an uncountenanceable intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship to me.”

  • Contention: The WHO negotiations will NOT be countered by standing up for state’s rights or by state nullification.

Fact:  A lengthy post by Dr. Nass concludes: “There is a strong legal basis to assert that the states not only have authority over their citizens’ healthcare regulation, but the federal government lacks the authority to delegate any such power to the WHO.”

  • Contention: “The WHO negotiations are NOT a plot that has been planned and is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Fact: While Dr. Nass has not rebutted this claim, the following facts belie this assertion, too: In 2017, the Chinese Communist Party secured the election of Dr. Tedros, a Maoist non-medical practitioner previously associated with a terrorist group in Ethiopia, to the position of WHO Director General. In that role, Tedros serially toed the CCP line during the COVID-19 pandemic, lying about the origins, nature and a response to that Chinese biowarfare attack.

Ghebreyesus also promoted assiduously the “China Model” of mask, social distancing, quarantines, lockdowns and “vaccination” mandates that resulted in incalculable harm to the United States, its people, economy, elections and freedoms, among vast costs elsewhere. And the provisions of the WHO’s impending IHR and Pandemic treaties would add digital IDs and censorship mechanisms to round out worldwide the Chinese Model’s “social credit system.”

Chinese Communist Party dictator Xi Jinping has enthusiastically supported the World Health Organization – an international bureaucracy that, like most others, it has great influence over – serving as the vanguard of “global governance” through which Xi seeks to realize his stated ambition to dominate the entire planet. In short, while other globalists have encouraged the drafting of these two WHO treaties, their completion is surely a significant focus of Chinese influence operators, although the CCP is happy, at least for the moment, to have its friends obscure that reality.

Americans who share the Sovereignty Coalition’s determination to prevent the surrender of our sovereignty at the end of May, when the World Health Assembly is expected to approve both accords, are urged to sign the Coalition’s “American Sovereignty Declaration” and, using the associated Align Act platform, to email their elected leaders to ensure that the United States refrains from underwriting the WHO and withdraws from that organization altogether.



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