Release | Stop The W.H.O.’S Bait-And-Switch: “Global Governance” Cannot Be Foisted On Us By Stealth


For Immediate Release
May 13, 2024

Matthew Franklin, [email protected]


Products of Last-Minute, Secret Negotiations Must Not be Approved

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The World Health Organization announced on Friday that its negotiators had failed to achieve agreement on a final draft of the proposed Pandemic Response Accord by the declared May 10 deadline. The announcement prompted some to believe that that treaty was “dead” and no longer likely to be approved at the upcoming meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHA) from May 27-June 1.  Not so.

Before the day was out, the WHO clarified that the deadline had been extended for a further two weeks to continue formal and informal negotiations. In other words, the effort to buy support from various nations will be redoubled behind closed doors. For example, the U.S. government recently announced it would be paying fifty additional countries[1] – on top of the fifty it was already paying – to build out their “Pandemic Preparedness Program.” This is being done outside the WHO process, but with the identical intent.

It remains to be seen if any of the disagreements that have precluded the completion of a Pandemic Treaty to date will be resolved in time for the upcoming World Health Assembly meeting through such secretive and corrupt wheeling and dealing. What is already clear, however, is that the extension of the negotiation’s deadline will have the practical effect of all-but-eliminating any opportunity for nations to review, analyze and debate the final text before it is rubber-stamped by the WHA.

The same game will likely be played with the other WHO treaty now in the works. It would amend existing International Health Regulations for the same purpose as the Pandemic Treaty: transforming the WHO’s Director General into a global health dictator. Negotiators haven’t finished that text, either. They are supposed to meet for that purpose on May 16-17. It is a safe bet that those negotiations will be extended, too. And “the Pelosi Rule” will be in effect: We won’t know what is in that treaty either until after it has been approved.

This sort of diplomatic bait-and-switch is necessary because only by subterfuge and deception can the “global governance” these treaties are intended to create be imposed on the American people. Consequently, our Sovereignty Coalition is all the more determined to insist that neither the Pandemic Treaty nor the proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations can be considered at the WHA’s meeting in two weeks.

Indeed, to press for a vote on these accords would be a clear violation of Article 55 of the WHO’s own International Health Regulations, which requires that any amendments to those Regulations be distributed to the 194 member nations at least four months in advance of their consideration at the World Health Assembly.  Since the International Health Regulations and the new proposed Pandemic Treaty are inter-dependent and intertwined, neither can lawfully be voted upon at the impending WHA beginning on May 27.

The Coalition demands that, whenever these two treaties do come up lawfully for WHA approval – after their final texts have been disclosed and circulated to the nations at least four months in advance – there must be a roll-call vote on both. Treaties such as these must not be adopted by a consensus or bogus “silence-is-consent” procedure.  Furthermore, for either to be binding here, they will each require the advice and consent of the United States Senate. The American people cannot be bound by them through the improper use of Executive Agreements.

If all else fails, the WHO’s treacherous Director-General, its nefarious bureaucracy and its globalist sponsors may try another tactic to get the world’s nations committed to their global governance agenda: The adoption of a completely new instrument at the World Health Assembly meeting in the form of a “Resolution.” It would amount to an agreement to agree to certain “One Health” and similar deeply problematic initiatives at some point in the future. A version of such a Resolution was actually circulated on April 16, 2024.

The Coalition urges everyone to join our “Not Now” campaign aimed at postponing the World Health Assembly’s consideration and approval of both of these treaties and any substitute Resolution. We also insist that if any such accords are ever approved, they must be subject to our Senate’s advice-and-consent procedures before their provisions are inflicted on the American people.


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