VIP Signatories of the American Sovereignty Declaration

LIST UPDATED: March 11, 2024


  1. A Safe House Corporation
  2. ABR Health Inc
  3. Act for America
  4. AFA Action
  5. All Valley Urgent Care
  6. America, Can We Talk
  7. American Decency Association
  8. American Family Project, Inc.
  9. American Freedom Alliance
  10. American Principles Project
  11. American Stewards of Liberty
  12. American Strategy Group
  13. Americans for Limited Government
  14. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)
  15. Association of Mature American Citizens
  16. Association of Mature American Citizens Action
  17. Berean Beacon
  18. Boston Anesthesia Consultants
  19. Brownstone Institute
  20. Can We Talk About It
  21. Capitol Hill Prayer Partners
  22. Center for Security Policy
  23. ChapelARIEL
  24. Committee on the Present Danger: China
  25. Common Sense Campaign
  26. ConservativeHQ
  27. Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC)
  28. Constitution Party of West Virginia
  29. Daily Clout
  30. Davos in the Desert
  31. Defending Humanity
  32. Deluxe Veterinary Medicine
  33. Discovery Institute
  34. Door to Freedom
  35. Dr. Robert Malone, M.D.
  36. Eagle Forum
  37. Economic War Room
  39. Exodus
  40. Family Research Council
  41. Foundations of Freedom
  42. Freebridge, LLC
  43. Freedom Fund USA
  44. Global Covid Summit
  45. Global Health Project
  46. Global Strategic Alliance
  47. Global Walk Out
  48. Grassroots America – We the People PAC
  49. Haynes Policy Advisory
  50. Intercessors for America
  51. Iowans For Informed Consent
  52. Iron Liberty Group LLC
  53. Joining Forces
  54. Katartismos Global (KGI Global)
  55. Ladies for Liberty
  56. Liberty Counsel Action
  57. Little River Patriots
  58. Monterey Bay Center for Integrated Health
  59. Nebraska Eagle Forum
  60. New World Alliances
  61. NSIC Institute
  62. Patriotic Investing
  63. Raven’s Radar Podcast
  64. Reignite Freedom
  65. Renovo Chiropractic
  66. Save the Persecuted Christians
  67. Securing America with Frank Gaffney
  68. Sentry OP’s-Global Security & Intelligence
  69. SKD Consulting
  70. Solari Inc.
  71. Stand for Health Freedom
  72. Stand Up Michigan
  73. State Shield
  74. Stop Vax Passports Task Force
  75. Tea Party Patriots Action
  76. The Bill Walton Show
  77. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
  78. The Malone Institute
  79. The People’s Cube
  80. The Power Hour
  81. The Rob Maness Show
  82. Toxicology Support Services, LLC
  83. Truth for Health Foundation
  84. Tuscola We The County
  85. Unity Project
  86. Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance
  87. Waterstone
  88. We the People – Sauk County
  89. Women’s Rights Without Frontiers



[Title for reference purposes only]:

  1. Margaret Acker, M.D., Physician, Bako Diagnostics
  2. Lois Alimonti, A.P.R.N.
  3. Richard Allen, DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine)
  4. Linda Alvey, South Dakota GOP Clay County State Committeewoman
  5. Gary Aminoff, Chairman, American Freedom Alliance
  6. Cheryl Armstrong, M.D.
  7. Ron Armstrong, President, Stand Up Michigan
  8. Marilyn Anglin, President, Eagle Forum of Arkansas
  9. Oleg Atbashian, Director of Digital Media, Committee on the Present Danger: China; Director, The People’s Cube
  10. Stephen Altilio, R.N.
  11. Michele Bachmann, Member of Congress (2007-2015); Presidential candidate (2012)
  12. Theodore Baehr, Chairman, MOVIEGUIDE®
  13. Ace Ballard, Th.M, Founder, The Holiness Pentecostal Movement International
  14. Sara C Ballenger, President, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners
  15. Jessica Bartnick, President, Collin County Conservative Republicans
  16. Carlin G Bartschi, M.D.
  17. Sarah M. Belhasen, M.D.
  18. Alisha Bell, Executive Director, A Safe House Corporation
  19. Greg Bentley, Director, Berean Beacon
  20. Luci K. Berens, M.D.
  21. Brenda Berge, M.D., Physician, ABR Health Inc.
  22. Eve Berman, D.O.
  23. Kimberly Biss, M.D.
  24. Franklin Blackstone, pharmacist
  25. Kenneth J. Blackwell, U.S. Ambassador (1992-1993), United Nations Human Rights Commission
  26. Peter Blumenauer, D.C., Dr. Daniel Borchers, D.V.M., Deluxe Veterinary Medicine
  27. Suzanne Bock Grishman, Chair, Save the Persecuted Christians
  28. Jean Bogarty, V.M.D., veterinarian
  29. Summer Boger, President, Eagle Forum of California
  30. Trayce Bradford, Executive Director, Freedom Fund USA
  31. Karen Bracken, Founder and Researcher, Truth Bomb on Substack
  32. Earl H Brinser, Jr., D.O., Osteopathic physician
  33. Dr. Mark Brody, MD
  34. Jonathan J Bromboz, D.D.S, F.A.G.D, I.C.O.I, I.A.O.M.T.
  35. Shelia Burgess, CEO, Infotube
  36. Wayne C Burgess, Jr., M.D.
  37. Lynn Busch, RPh, Pharmacist
  38. Richard Butler, M.D., Academic General Internal Medicine
  39. William Campbell, Board Member, The Polycarp Research Institute
  40. Damiah Carver, R.N., L.M.H.C. (Ret.)
  41. John L. Castiglia, M.D.
  42. Cindi Castilla, President, Texas Eagle Forum
  43. Joseph Chaplik, Arizona House of Representatives (2021-present)
  44. Janis G Chester, M.D.
  45. Michele Chestnutt, R.N.
  46. Debra S Clancy, M.D.
  47. James Clark, M.D.
  48. David A. Clarke, Jr., Sheriff(Ret)
  49. Wendy S Cohen, M.D.
  50. Dwayne Collins, Edom Tea Party
  51. Dr. R Commito
  52. Kathleen Conn, R.N.
  53. Com. Demetrius Cox, USN (Ret.), founder, Common Sense Campaign
  54. Michelle Cretella, M.D.
  55. Victoria E Cruz, M.D.
  56. Lois R Cunningham, RN, Deputy Director, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
  57. John Damiani, D.O.
  58. Tomas DeBrigard, M.D.
  59. Suzanne K. Delaney, Nurse Executive, SKD Consulting
  60. Hugh Timothy Dugan, Senior Director (retired) for International Organizations, National Security Council, White House
  61. Alfred Ekstrom
  62. April D Elliott, LPN
  63. Shannon Elliott, M.D.
  64. Stephen M. R. Ellis, President, Little River Patriots
  65. George Elvove, M.D.
  66. Michelle Enmark, DMD
  67. Deborah Ericson, DDS, General Dentist, Dental Services Organization
  68. Paula K. Evans, M.D., Doctor of Audiology
  69. Mark Evenson, M.D.
  70. Charles “Sam” Faddis, Former Career Clandestine Service Officer, Author, Member, Committee on the Present Danger: China
  71. Mary Fahsbender, D.O.
  72. Kristy Fassler, M.D.
  73. Delores Farlin, Registered Nurse
  74. Matthew Feller, physician
  75. JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People PAC
  76. Matthew Feller, M.D.
  77. Robert A. Ferrera, D.M.D., President, Ferrera Dental Associates
  78. Steven Ferry, US Coordinator, Global Walk Out
  79. Robert Fies, M.D., owner, New Buffalo Center
  80. Vince Fried, Associate Professor, Rhodes State College
  81. Juana Frontera, M.D., physician
  82. Kevin Freeman, Founder, NSIC Institute; Host; Economic War Room
  83. Lady Brigitte Gabriel, Founder & Chairman, Act for America
  84. Frank Gaffney, Vice-Chair, Committee on the Present Danger: China; Co-chair, Stop Vax Passports Task Force; Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy
  85. Richard Edmund Garcia, M.D., Pediatrician (retired), Vice Chair Pediatrics, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  86. Joseph J. Gebbia, Sr., Founder, CEO, State Shield
  87. Debbie Georgatos, Host, America Can We Talk
  88. Rebecca L Gilbert, R.N.
  89. Mark Gildenhar, M.D.
  90. A.E. Gillis, M.D.
  91. Paul Goldstein, DC, Natural Health Chiropractic
  92. Mary E. Goolsby, M.D.
  93. Karladine Evelyn Graves, MD, Physician/Activist
  94. Betsy Noresse Gray, President, HISB Corporation, Inc
  95. William S. Grizzard, Jr., Physician, Retired
  96. Kathleen I. Grove, M.D.
  97. Joseph Guarino, M.D.
  98. Darcy Guello, Leader, Tuscola We The County
  99. Michael Hamilton, CEO, Hamilton Strategies
  100. Steven Hatfill, M.D., MSc, MSc, MMed, Former Senior Medical Advisor to the Executive Office of the President (2020-2021)
  101. Ken Harrison, CEO, Waterstone
  102. Raven Harrison, Host, Raven’s Radar Podcast
  103. Chief Robert Hartley, Jr., Battalion Chief (Ret.), Albuquerque Fire Rescue
  104. Pam Heldt, RN
  105. Ralph Hendersen, M.D. (Ret.)
  106. Jake Hoffman, Arizona State Senate (2023-present), Arizona House of Representatives (2021-2023)
  107. Donald Holcomb, M.D.
  108. Wilson Hoover Hartz III, M.D.
  109. Amber Haskew, Director of Public Policy, Liberty Counsel Action
  110. Dwayne Haus, N.D.
  111. Mike Hill, former Florida State Representative
  112. Leo Anthony Hohmann, Independent Journalist,
  113. Cindy Honcoop, State Director, Washington Eagle Forum
  114. Andrea Hook, President, Virginia Eagle Forum
  115. Carole Hornsby Haynes, President, Haynes Policy Advisory
  116. Martha Hudson, Vaccine Injured Victim and Advocate
  117. Gerard Issvoran, D.O., Monterey Bay Center for Integrated Health
  118. Jarrell Jeffery-Frank, Chairman, Constitution Party of West Virginia
  119. Richard R. Jesse, Ph.D., Co-founder & Director, Make Water Safe for the World, Inc.
  120. Kevin Jessip, Founder and President, Global Strategic Alliance
  121. Bill Johnson, President, American Decency Association
  122. Mary Ann Johnson, D.D.S.
  123. Hermann Jonak, DO (ret.)
  124. David W Jones, M.D.
  125. Stacey Jones, M.D.
  126. Reuben Joy, Doctor of Pharmacy
  127. Paul C Kainen, Industrial Math
  128. John Kallenbach, Fire Protection Specialist
  129. Sheryl Kaufman, Board Member, Americans for Limited Government
  130. Rich Keal, Principal, Freebridge, LLC
  131. Nora E Keating, M.D.
  132. Brian Kennedy, Chairman, Committee on the Present Danger: China; President, The American Strategy Group
  133. Anthony Kern, Arizona State Senate (2023-present), Arizona House (2015-2021)
  134. Kienig, USN (Ret.)
  135. Nicole Kish, Optometrist, Nicole M Kish OD PC
  136. Steve King, U.S. Representative (2003-2021), former Chairman of the Constitution Committee for the U.S. House of Representatives
  137. Leo Khilyuk, Professor of Applied Mathematics, PhD, Doctor of Engineering, Irrit
  138. Ada Khoury, M.D.
  139. Dave Krieger, Show Host, The Power Hour
  140. Lynne Kristensen, Chief Marketing Officer, The Unity Project
  141. David Kubal, President, Intercessors for America
  142. James C Lamar, M.D.
  143. Mary Lang, M.D.
  144. Cynthia Larson, D.O.
  145. Alexandra Latypova, Ex-pharma/biotech with 25 years of experience in clinical trials, technologies, and regulatory approvals
  146. Dede Laugesen, Executive Secretary, Committee on the Present Danger: China; Facilitator, Stop Vax Passports Task Force; Executive Director, Save the Persecuted Christians
  147. Linda Le, R.N.
  148. Michael David Lenker, M.D.
  149. Janci Lindsay, Ph.D., Director of Toxicology and Molecular Biology, Toxicology Support Services, LLC
  150. Reggie Littlejohn, Founder & President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers; Co-chair, Stop Vax Passports Task Force; Member, Committee on the Present Danger: China
  151. Kat Lindley, D.O., FACOFP, Chief Operations Officer, Global Covid Summit
  152. Stevan Douglas Looney, J.D.
  153. Patricia Lord, M.D.
  154. Penny Long, R.N., Holistic Life Coach
  155. Trevor Loudon, Filmmaker and author, “Enemies Within” and “Enemies Within the Church”
  156. Jason Mak, M.D.
  157. Robert W. Malone, M.D., M.S., The Malone Institute
  158. Nicoleta E Manciu, M.D.
  159. Robert Maness (USAF, Ret.), CEO, Iron Liberty Group LLC; Host,
  160. The Rob Maness Show
  161. Jenny Beth Martin, National Program Director, Tea Party Patriots Action
  162. Carmen Martinez, M.D., physician
  163. Suzanne R. Martini, FNP-C
  164. Brenda Mathews-Vitello, Nurse Practitioner
  165. Buford E. McCharen, M.D.
  166. Rev. Dr. Madeline McClenney, President, Exodus Foundation
  167. Peter Andrew McCullough, M.D., Physician, Truth for Health Foundation
  168. Faith J. H. McDonnell, Director of Advocacy, Katartismos Global (KGI Global); DC Fellow, American Association of Evangelicals; Founding member, Save The Persecuted Christians; Founding member, Committee on the Present Danger: China
  169. Tom McDonough, Executive Director, American Family Project, Inc.
  170. Ian K. McLeod, M.D. FACS
  171. Molly McNamara Jesse, Co-founder & Director, Make Water Safe for the World, Inc.
  172. Steven J. Melnick, Ph.D., M.D., Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  173. Chris Messina, Conservative Candidate, Orange County (FL) Mayor
  174. Eric Metaxas, Author/Speaker, Metaxas Media
  175. Lisa Meyer, M.D.
  176. Kirk Milhoan, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director, For Hearts and Souls
  177. Mark D. Miller, D.C.
  178. John Mills (USA Ret.), Member, Committee on Present Danger China
  179. Sid Miller, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Texas Department of Agriculture
  180. Robert P. Mooney, MD
  181. Roy Monsour, M.D.
  182. Anita Moore, Veterinarian
  183. Suzanne Mueller, RN
  184. Michael Nelson, DC, Renovo Chiropractic
  185. Chris Neveling, M.D., Compass Vitality
  186. John R Nixon, M.D.
  187. Stacie Noble Shriver, M.D., Boston Anesthesia Consultants
  188. Janet L. Nodine, Certified Nurse Midwife
  189. Anthony Pappas, M.D., Radiologist
  190. Jaqueline Parker, Arizona House of Representatives (2021-present)
  191. Steve Paske, Leader/facilitator, We the People – Sauk County
  192. Bobbie Patray, President, Tennessee Eagle Forum
  193. Birgit Pascher, M.D.
  194. Kathleen Patten, President & CEO, American Target Advertising
  195. Christina Peterson, M.D.
  196. Terryl Petropoulos, DMD
  197. Teresa Petros, M.D.
  198. Mark J. Powell, M.Div., Presidential primary candidate
  199. Scott S. Powell, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
  200. Kevin Presley, DO, Osteopathic Family Physician, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)
  201. Pam Pryor, Former senior bureau official US Department of State, International Organizations
  202. Thomas F. Purdon, M.D., Clinical Professor Emeritus. Dept. OB-GYN, University of Arizona College of Medicine
  203. George Rasley, Managing Editor,
  204. James Ray, DC
  205. Michael Rechtenwald, Distinguished Fellow, Hillsdale College
  206. Frank Reiser, M.D.
  207. Robert Reminga, 1st Lieutenant (Ret), Michigan Defense Forces
  208. Carla Reynolds, RN Care Manager, RUHS
  209. Donald Richardson, MD
  210. Jesse Robert, CAS, CPO, ATOII, Principal, and CT Intelligence Analyst, Jr. (All source) Multi-INT, Sentry OP’s-Global Security & Intelligence
  211. Raul Rodriguez, M.D.
  212. Louis R. Rohr, M.D.
  213. Michael Rogan, M.D.
  214. James Roguski, Founder and Researcher,
  215. Tamzin Rosenwasser, M.D.
  216. Allen Roth, President, Secure America Now
  217. Sharon K Rothamer, D.C.
  218. Francis Roy, M.D.
  219. Molly Rutherford, M.D.
  220. David Samuels, M.D.
  221. Mark Alan Sauer, M.D.(Ret.)
  222. Kurt Schlegelmilch, M.D.
  223. Crystal Sciarini, M.D.
  224. Paul Scott, M.D.
  225. Jonathan Senior, V.M.D., veterinarian
  226. Laura Sextro, CEO, The Unity Project
  227. Matthew Sharpe, M.D.
  228. Reid Sheftall, M.D., Director American Medical Center
  229. & Mrs T. Stephen Shaddox, M.D. & Jan
  230. Terry Shilling, President, American Principles Project
  231. David Shimm, M.D.
  232. Karen W. Siegemund, President, American Freedom Alliance
  233. Jerry A Sims, M.D.
  234. Rev Dr Warren Simandle, President, ChapelARIEL
  235. Kirk Slagel, M.D.
  236. Austin Smith, Arizona House of Representatives (2023-present)
  237. Eunie Smith, President, Eagle Forum of Alabama
  238. Jill Ellen Spiegel, M.D.
  239. Erin Spousta, APRN, NP-C, FNP-BC
  240. Charles A Starks, Psychologist Private Practice
  241. Daniel W. Stock, M.D.
  242. Joshua Stylman, Entrepreneur, Investor, Commentator, Citizen
  243. Sonya Swan, Founder, Iowans For Informed Consent
  244. Sir Larry M Swart, Chairman, New World Alliances
  245. Terri Swearingen, RN, PhD (honoris causa), 1997 Goldman Prize Winner
  246. Jennifer Tafelmeyer, Doctor of Chiropractic, Tafelmeyer Chiropractic, PLLC
  247. Edward L. Tarpley, Jr., District Attorney (1991-1997), 35th Judicial District, State of Louisiana
  248. James Todaro, M.D.
  249. Brian Tyson, Chief Medical Director, All Valley Urgent Care
  250. Kristen A. Ullman, President, Eagle Forum
  251. Paul D. Verdio, D.D.S.
  252. Stephen Vickroy, M.D.
  253. Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, American Target Advertising
  254. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Founder and President of the Board, Truth for Health Foundation
  255. Justine Wadsack, Arizona Senate (2023-present)
  256. Mary Wahle, DC
  257. Col Tommy Waller, President, Center for Security Policy
  258. David Wanetick, CEO, Davos in the Desert
  259. Craig M. Wax, M.D., Global Covid Summit
  260. Rebecca Weber, CEO, Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)
  261. Col. Allen Bernard West, U.S. Army Ret.; Executive Director, American Constitutional Rights Union
  262. Kathleen Willis, M.D.
  263. Katherine F. Wilmot, President, Nebraska Eagle Forum
  264. Agnieszka Wilson, Founder, Can We Talk About It
  265. Peter Wiggin
  266. Rod Woerther, M.D.
  267. Naomi Wolf, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Daily Clout; author, “The Bodies of Others”
  268. Jill Woodliff, retired pathologist
  269. Tom Vanasche, M.D.
  270. Francis D Veninga, M.D.
  271. Paul D.Verdio, D.D.S., Dentist, CS Bennett, Author
  272. Susan Foster Voyles, President, Georgia Eagle Forum
  273. John A Yezerski, MD FAAOS
  274. Nick Yiannios, D.D.S.
  275. Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, FACLM
  276. Barbara Zedler, Executive Director, Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance

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