Resist “global governance”

By Frank Gaffney | Center for Security Policy | April 21, 2023

There’s increasing talk lately about the “Great Reset” – a scheme to reorder the world to suit the Chinese Communist Party, World Economic Forum globalists and other totalitarians. 

Few, however, understand how such enemies of freedom are engineering the imposition of their agenda on the rest of us. 

They call it “global governance.”

A superb webinar yesterday sponsored by our Committee on the Present Danger: China revealed that international organizations dominated by the Chinese Communists, like the UN General Assembly and the World Health Assembly, are poised to assert the authority to crush the sovereignty of individual nations, and most especially ours. 

Team Biden is in favor. Congress has, thus far, been indifferent. The media largely ignores what’s afoot. And the American people are generally clueless about it. 

That must change now. Learn more – and join the resistance –  at

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