America’s enemies – both foreign and domestic – are intent on “fundamentally transforming” our country. They are secretively advancing a plan to crush the sovereignty and freedoms of this constitutional Republic without the knowledge, let alone the consent, of our countrymen and women.

A significant step toward that end was taken literally in the dark of night on June 1st by a small fraction of the World Health Organization’s membership in violation of its own regulations. With the adoption of a legally binding international accord that amounts to a treaty amending those International Health Regulations (IHR), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the World Economic Forum and others made progress towards instituting “global governance” and a “new world order” at the expense of the sovereignty of nations like ours.

This IHR Treaty would have such an effect by, among other things: creating a mechanism for compelling changes in U.S. laws to conform to WHO dictates; instituting digital IDs that will conduce to a surveillance state; requiring our government to “address” misinformation and disinformation – namely, speech or content inconsistent with the WHO’s party line; and committing us to unspecified funding for the WHO and its projects.

At a moment when a new genetically engineered “avian flu” pandemic and plans for disseminating associated “vaccines” appear to be in the offing, the last thing we should be doing is ceding responsibility for exercising any control over our public health – let alone for managing such emergencies – to an organization that performed disastrously in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, we have the option of rejecting this IHR Treaty – provided the U.S. Senate insists that it be submitted per our Constitution for that body’s approval which requires a two-thirds majority. Your elected representatives in the House and Senate can ensure that its problematic provisions will not apply to us provided they act quickly.

Otherwise, Biden could sign them into law through the mis-use of an Executive Order.

Please click here to urge those who represent you to ensure that we remain a sovereign and free Republic – not a casualty of global governance – by requiring the International Health Regulation Treaty be submitted to and rejected by the U.S. Senate.