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The World Health Organization is seeking nations to sign on to a treaty that will compromise our sovereignty.

Dr. Kat Lindley speaks out against power grabs by the U.N. and WHO

Dr. Kat Lindley is a family physician who is bravely speaking out against dangerous covid injections as well as extragovernmental power grabs by the U.N. and WHO.

Rights Champ Decries W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty as Attack on Freedom

Human rights champion Reggie Littlejohn has denounced the W.H.O.’s proposed Global Pandemic Treaty as “the greatest threat to freedom the world has ever faced.”

Hon. Michele Bachmann’s update from the World Health Assembly in Geneva | 05-23-2023

Hon. MICHELE BACHMANN, Member of Congress (2007-2015); Presidential candidate (2012); Dean, Robertson School of Government, Regent University

Bachmann: WHO Director Demanding “Sovereignty” of All Member Nations Due to “Climate Crisis”

Bannons War Room | May 24, 2023

Proposed Global WHO Treaty Supersedes Nation’s Constitution, Establishing Global Governance

Bannons War Room | May 23, 2023

Michele Bachmann: WHO Meetings Preview Increases in Global Influence

Bannons War Room | May 22, 2023

Release | Sovereignty Coalition to hold pivotal press conference with Rep. Ralph Norman and other lawmaker

Sovereignty Coalition to hold pivotal press conference with Rep. Ralph Norman and other lawmakers Wednesday, May 17 at 3pm ET: #ExitTheWHO

Is WHO a Front Organization for the Takeover of U.S. Government?

Analysts warn that the ratification of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations could strip away sovereignty from nation-states and place public health decision-making power in the hands of the WHO and its director-general.

Defunding the W.H.O.! Insights from the American Sovereignty Coalition with Ron Armstrong

Ron Armstrong is the President of Stand Up Michigan, a large grassroots organization. He is a former mayor and leader not only in Michigan but a strong voice on the national level. He is currently working with the American Sovereignty Coalition. This coalition is a non-partisan group dedicated to protecting the U.S. Constitution and defending national sovereignty against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Their immediate priority is to prevent global governance arrangements that conflict with representative, limited government, such as the World Health Organization’s attempt to dictate public health policies.