Take action! The COVID Subcommittee Must Defend Our Constitution

The House Select Subcommittee for the Coronavirus Pandemic (@COVIDOversight) chaired by Rep. Brad Wenstrup will hold a crucially important hearing on Tuesday, October 24th.  It must be used to expose and lay the groundwork for preventing an assault on our Constitution and national sovereignty by the World Health Organization, the Chinese Communist Party and other enablers.

Webinar | Soft Coup, Hard Tyranny: Spawning Global Governance on September 20

The United Nations, like the WHO, wants to take over operations that should be run by our own government in case of any event on earth or in outer space that it deems an “emergency.”

Take action! Stop Global Tyranny!

The WHO wants to grab global control through health. The UN wants to do the same thing through climate change. Both are pushing global digital IDs. Meanwhile, G20 and the Bank of International Settlements want to impose Central Bank Digital Currencies worldwide. If we do not resist now, we will inevitably become trapped in a digital gulag.

Dr. Meryl Nass: ‘We’re undergoing a soft coup’

Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO “to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health”. In addition to that, it will remove human rights protections, enforce censorship and digital passports, require governments to push a single “official” narrative, and enable the WHO to declare “pandemics” on a whim.

Release | Sovereignty Coalition’s Initiative to Tell the House Appropriations Committee to Defund the WHO

WASHINGTON — A subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee of the United States Congress has approved legislation to defund the World Health Organization (WHO). Now, the Sovereignty Coalition is trying to inform the entire Appropriations Committee of the reasons the U.S. must defund and exit the WHO in order to protect our national sovereignty.

Take action! Help the House Defund the W.H.O.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is being used by the Chinese Communist Party, globalists and their enablers in the Biden administration to end our sovereignty. Their stated goal is to promote “global governance” – by which they mean not the sort of representative, accountable government guaranteed by our Constitution. Rather, they seek to have the world run by elites through vehicles like the W.H.O., empowered to use health security as a pretext for anti-constitutional, totalitarian surveillance and control of our people.

Webinar | A Treaty by Any Other Name: The WHO’s Latest Attack on Our Sovereignty

On June 2, 2023, the World Health Organization released a new draft of its proposed pandemic treaty.  This “Bureau Text” provides the framework for a global biotech surveillance state, complete with surveillance and censorship of virtually every aspect of life on earth under the One Health approach.  

Hon. Michele Bachmann’s update from the World Health Assembly in Geneva | 05-23-2023

Hon. MICHELE BACHMANN, Member of Congress (2007-2015); Presidential candidate (2012); Dean, Robertson School of Government, Regent University

Proposed Global WHO Treaty Supersedes Nation’s Constitution, Establishing Global Governance

Bannons War Room | May 23, 2023

Michele Bachmann: WHO Meetings Preview Increases in Global Influence

Bannons War Room | May 22, 2023